Consulting engagements are typically for the purpose of advising schools or organizations about best practices regarding a particular issue. Your organization will be paired with one or two Wells Collective members to guide you in your journey.

The Wells Collective, LLC is a full service diversity consulting company. We offer services to schools, non-profit organizations, and corporations. All services are available in a virtual format.

We are happy to consult with you on topics pertaining, but not limited to:

- Workplace culture

- Anti-bias & anti-racist frameworks

- Diversifying constituent groups

- Outreach to diverse populations

- Crisis management

- Assessing and responding to the needs of marginalized populations in your school or organization

- Curriculum development

- Determining where to begin with addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization

- Diversity audits 

- Effective use of the diversity practitioner in your organization

- Racial tensions between employees

- Crafting mission statements with equity at the center

...and much more!

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss these options further.

Professional development

Professional development sessions are opportunities for direct content deliverance and conversation facilitation by members of The Wells Collective.

We are well versed on a host of diversity, equity and inclusion related topics, and offer presentations on topics such as:

Anti-Racist Organizations 101

Avoiding performative allyship: How to enact sustainable change

Analyzing your mission statement through the lens of equity

Teaching, loving and believing in Black girls

"Do you want to change, or do you just not want to be called racist?"

Assessing white dominant culture in predominately Black & Brown spaces

Healing from past racial traumas and creating a path forward

Custom professional development options are available.

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss these options further.

Community Engagement

Core to the mission of The Wells Collective is to uplift the voices of Black Women, and by extension, all people.

We believe that there are two facets of this wellbeing: the work that Women of Color must engage in amongst only themselves, and the work that people of all backgrounds must engage in together.


As such, The Wells Collective is committed to hosting affinity spaces for Women of Color to process their experiences, as well as hosting spaces in which people of various racial and gender backgrounds can come together to collectively challenge racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc. in the spaces in which we occupy.


Onward in the name of justice, together. 

Be free. Be well.

Black Women can do anything. They have proven that time and time and time again.

- Tarana Burke