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The End of an Era: Farewell from The Wells Collective

Hello Friends!

After five years of friendship, joy, intentional community building and disrupting white supremacy, we've decided the time has come to sunset The Wells Collective. While the decision may bring sadness for some, for us, it’s a celebration of all that we’ve contributed to the DEIJ landscape. We are so immensely proud of the community we have created for Black women to live freely and be well, and for organizations to disrupt systems of oppression through deep interrogation. The Wells Collective will always be a tremendous source of pride. We had a season, purpose, and our moment, but all good things do indeed come to an end. 

What’s more, we take the work of wellness seriously, and this upcoming election season will require mental fortitude that we'd like to care for ourselves through, without the additional load of teaching others. We’ll be celebrating all that we’ve accomplished with brunch (of course), and will continue to nurture the dynamic sisterhood that drove us to create our business to begin with. 

Because the work of equity and justice is never done, we trust each of you to carry this work forward with dignity.

We are so grateful to have been in community with each of you over the years- we’ve gained lifelong connections that will continue well into the future. 

To stay in touch, you can find each of us on LinkedIn:

For your future consulting needs, we recommend any of the following organizations: 

  • DevelopWell, where Akailah leads People Operations/HR and DEI work

  • A boutique consulting firm with experience across nonprofit sectors, DevelopWell is ideal for those with organizations who desire more effective people management systems that center equity, or those who would like general DEIJ training. 

  • Just IDEAs, Shari’s independent consulting company

  • Shari is a DEI and HR leader with experience working in corporate and quasi-governmental entities. Contact her for strategic planning, workforce recruitment and retention, policy auditing, and DEIJ training. 

  • Molina consulting

  • Ideal for those who would like DEIJ training. 


We hope to see you around the DMV as we continue our brunching endeavors, cheers-ing in the name of justice! 

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