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The Wells Collective is intentional about prioritizing the needs of the marginalized by changing the narrative, educating the privileged, and creating safe spaces for women of color to improve their wellbeing. As one of the few organizations in the United States that is run exclusively by all Black women, The Wells Collective is able to leverage its collective of experiences to shape innovative workplace plans that are authentic, meaningful and will spearhead measurable change in your organization. 




Your organization will be paired with two of our expertly trained Wells Collective members to help you identify areas of opportunities to become better stewards of equitable change. The topics we typically consult on include the following: 

Workplace culture
➻ Anti-bias & anti-racist frameworks
 Diversifying constituent groups
➻ Outreach to diverse populations
➻ Crisis management
➻ Assessing and responding to the needs of marginalized populations in your school or organization
➻ Curriculum development
➻ Determining where to begin with addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization
➻ Diversity audits 
➻ Effective use of the diversity practitioner in your organization
➻ Racial tensions between employees
➻ Crafting mission statements with equity at the center


Professional Development

The Wells Collective also provides in person and virtual professional development DEI sessions that offer direct opportunities for hands-on, interactive conversations to resolve internal issues and guide your organization through as-needed learning moments in relation to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. Customized professional development plans are also available upon request. Examples of some of our workshop offerings include: 

 Anti-Racist Organizations 101
➻ Avoiding performative allyship: How to enact sustainable change
➻ Analyzing your mission statement through the lens of equity
➻ Teaching, loving and believing in Black girls
➻ “Do you want to change, or do you just not want to be called racist?”
➻ Assessing white dominant culture in predominately Black & Brown spaces
➻ Healing from past racial traumas and creating a path forward


Community Engagement

With people of color at the core of our mission and work, The Wells Collective takes pride in helping women of color heal from the traumas that they have experienced in environments that have not been the most embracing of their power and capabilities. Leveraging our backgrounds in psychology, activism and counseling, we host affinity spaces on a regular basis to allow women of color opportunities to process their experiences, better equip them with the tools to navigate society, and help them regain their voice so that they can stand together with allies to challenge all forms of oppression.



What Clients Say About The Wells Collective

“[Teaching, loving and believing in Black girls] was a terrific workshop- it provided critical informatiton that echoes and builds on the work [various teachers] have done with us on campus in the past; offered powerful frameworks for further understanding the experience of Black girls at St. Andrew's and our work as teachers, mentors, and coaches; and opened up space for great moments for reflection on our community, and goal-setting for how we can strive to be better."

Emily P. | Dean of Faculty Development

Middletown, DE

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